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We all know penny stocks are high risk, but with that comes the opportunity for high reward. I have studied penny stocks for over a decade now and have seen it all.

I've witnessed unknown reverse merger acquisitions trading at only a fraction of a cent bring investors astronomical gains, while well-known Fortune 500 and even blue-chip companies have plummeted to zero.

The only thing that you can be sure of about penny stocks is that anything can happen. That's why so many investors find them so fascinating. There is no other investment vehicle capable of producing their potential returns.

The trick to succeeding at penny stocks is sifting through the vast sea of fraudulent companies to find legitimate ones that are actually trying to run a viable business. And, the only real way to do this is hard work.

I spending countless hours screening the stock market looking for penny stocks with big potential. Then I do the legwork neccessary to make sure those companies are who they say they are and do what they say they do.

Only when I am completely satisfied do I present these companies to you in the form of email alerts and tweets. You can then rely on publicly available information to make your own investment decisions.

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